Kvadrat Center

Location : Sandnes, Norway
Building type : Transformation and extension of an existing shopping center
Client : Steen & Strøm
Project scope : Shared with Ghilhardi + hellsten Architects
Size : Approx. 250 000 m²
Consultants : Arup Scotland, Kristoffer Apeland AS, Adventure Concept
Primary architects : Einar Jarmund, Håkon Vigsnæs, Alessandra Kosberg, Claes Cho Heske Ekornås, Halvor Kloster, Trine Johanne Jamtli, Nils Røsvik


Kvadrat is an exhisting shopping mall in Sandnes, close to Stavanger City. The expansion of the shopping center is planned to double its size, cover the carparks and offer three exterior parks that are also linked to the program, both inside and outside the building. The new building is divided into five different worlds; Adventure World, Plantorama, the White Box, Food Temple and Digital Universe. These worlds are planned as separate buildings, reflecting potential phases of the project. The new buildings are shaped as terraces and give the whole building a new exterior landscape, accessible for everyone.
The building is planned to be a low carbon building, using clean energy form wind power, biomass and solar panels.