Myrkdalen Mountain Condominiums

Location : Myrkdalen, Norway
Building type : Condominium Buildings
Client : Myrkdalen Fjellandsby AS
Size : ca. 5000 m²
Schedule : All buildings finished 2016
Consultants : Edvin Haugsbø AS, Sweco Norge AS, Bergen Sprinkler AS, AS Voss ventilasjonsteknikk, Vangen Elektriske AS, COWI AS
Primary architects : Einar Jarmund, Håkon Vigsnæs, Alessandra Kosberg, Tuva Salomonsen Hansen, Nils Røsvik

In 2012 JVA won an invited competition for a masterplan at the Myrkdalen Ski Resort near Voss, Norway. The master plan where to introduce a new building typology for condominiums in the northern part of the masterplan called Helgatunteigen. The condominiums at Helgatunteigen is connected to the Myrkdalen Hotel through a new pedestrian street.

The project is based on a local development plan with eight independent buildings with six to nine condo units per house. The project consists of two different typologies; a compact type with six condo units, and a rectangular type with nine condo units. The buildings is placed in a sloping terrain inspired by a traditional western Norwegian "klyngetun", meaning a tight cluster of farm houses located without any regular pattern of placement. The final location of the different houses at Helgatunteigen is a result of the attempt to achieve the best view and sun conditions for each condominium. The natural sloping terrain enables direct access from the ground to 2nd floor via exterior wooden ramps.Both typologies have a shared architectural expression consisting of horizontal western wood cladding in the facade which is also extends on the roof surfaces. In combination with the wooden cladding, fibre cement panels are used in colours inspired by the surrounding mountain's autumn colour palette.