Sørenga Block 7

Location : Oslo, Norway 
Building type : Housing and commercial spaces
Client : Sørenga Eiendom
Size : Total 8500 m². Housing 6300 m² and 2200 m² commercial area.
Schedule : Preliminary design 2011. Scheduled for completion 2014.
Consultants : To be selected
Primary architects : Einar Jarmund, Håkon Vigsnæs, Alessandra Kosberg, Anders Granli, Jeanette Alvestad, Alice Hsieh, Nils Røsvik, Kazuhiko Yamada, Anna Zeuthen Andersen
Collaborator : 4B Arkitekter AS og CONTEXT AS

The building, located at the tip of the Sørenga peninsula, comprises 60 units of high-end apartments with commercial spaces at the ground floor.
The massing of the building descends towards the water, and follows the trapezoidal limits of the site, breaking down the volume into parts reflecting both the size of an apartment and the historic storage nature of the old container post. Roof optimized for terrace living.