Cabin Vy

Location : Various locations, Norway
Building type : Cabin
Client : Leve Hytter AS
Size : Variable sizes 72 m2 - 130 m2
Schedule : In sale from 2014
Consultants : Leve Hytter AS
Primary architects : Einar Jarmund, Håkon Vigsnæs, Alessandra Kosberg, Erlend Skjeseth



The VY cabins are a blend of modern construction techniques and vernacular Norwegian building tradition. Through a distinctly rational construction process featuring high precision pre-cut elements and modular dimensions, the cabins are an affordable and high quality alternative in the competitive market of catalogue cabins in Norway. Inspired by old Nordic building types the cabins have typical projecting eaves, sod roof with double pitch, generous vertical paneling, and floor to ceiling glazing and recessed terraces. The expansive windows allow the outside natural beauty to become a part of the inside life of the cabin. In plan, the cabins retain their width of 7.2m but vary in length and internal disposition.